Julien Grudzinski, ‘Untitled 019 & 020’, 2016, Wide Painting


Series: Energy Flow

Signature: On the back of the painting

Image rights: © Julien Grudzinski. Photo © Wide Painting (Nicolas Romieu)

"Energy Flow" exhibition in 2016 located at Wide Painting, Paris.

Through his artwork, artist Julien Grudzinski seeks to give free reign to our imagination. His art breaks visual references and codes, inviting us to a liberal interpretation of the forms he creates. Between figurative and abstract, we observe these forms without prior reference, and yet they somehow speak to us and appear universally familiar. The artist is painting them in movement as living, organic material, and as an energy that runs through his paintings and vibrates to the rhythm of musical colors. Within this complex world, nothing gets tangled; everything circulates and lives in harmony.


About Julien Grudzinski