Juliette Dumas, ‘The Other (Frozen Plates, Collaboration with the Cold)’, 2015, SILAS VON MORISSE gallery

Juliette Dumas creates artworks that address our strained relationship with Nature. Dumas uses the physical properties of her materials and the dynamics of their interaction, to create metaphors for humanity’s struggle to control the effects of environmental degradation.

NO SAFE HARBOR is about landscape where nature is not represented but invited to collaborate with the artist. The exhibition evolves around the concept of “Volta do Mar” which is a navigational technique perfected in the late fifteenth century, using the dependable phenomenon of the North Atlantic Gyre. As the currents move around the world, so do the tides washing ashore, stones, whale bones or erased paintings. The exhibition will present a range of Dumas ephemeral installations involving water, plastic, and rocks (Strategies of Resistance; Horizon Line); a series of silver gelatin works (Frozen Plates: Collaboration with the Cold), large white canvases (The Erased Paintings) and a wood sculpture (Whale Bone).

The "Erased Paintings" series, are the beginning of Dumas search. She first makes a landscape painting that she erases and sands down then throws into the ocean in an effort to get rid of human self-centeredness. From that process she can liberate herself to continue her work with natural elements.

In her series entitled “Strategies of Resistance,” stone and water are held in a state of suspension by plastic sheets. The equilibrium and the tension of the work rely on the balance between the number of nails used and the weight of the stones, mirroring a political movement of resistance.

With “Frozen Plates: Collaboration with the Cold”, Dumas pours emulsion on metal plates that she then leaves outside when temperatures drop below freezing. In time, the plates reveal drawings created by the frost. The end results are black and white silver gelatin prints that capture those ephemeral creations.

(French, b. 1987, Paris France, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY).
Dumas completed her BA at Villa Arson in Nice France and MFA at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2013. Dumas has been awarded artist residencies at Festival Grandeur Nature, Ristolas, France in 2009 and La Station, Nice in 2015. She was nominated for Clare Rosen & Samuel Edes Foundation Prize for Emerging Artists by the Painting and Drawing Department of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2013). Dumas' work was featured in notable solo and group exhibitions including “Winter Studies”, curated by Alf Setzer, Kunstverein Gaestezimmer E.V, Stuttgart, Germany (2015); “Ad Hoc”, La Station, Nice, France (2015); “Mono no Aware Film Festival”, Brooklyn, NY (2013).

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Image rights: © Juliette Dumas, courtesy of ART 3 gallery, Brooklyn NY

2016 JULIETTE DUMAS NO SAFE HARBOR, September 7 - October 2, ART 3 gallery, Brooklyn NY
2015, Juliette Dumas, Winter Studies, March 13 - 29, Kunstverein Gaestezimmer E.V., Stuttgart-Möhringen, Germany

ART 3 gallery, Brooklyn NY

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