Julio Larraz, ‘Swords into Plowshares’, 2015, Miles McEnery Gallery

About Julio Larraz

Imaginative-yet-realistic snapshots of Caribbean life are frequent subjects in the work of painter Julio Larraz. Though these tropical settings (drawn from his childhood in Havana, Cuba) are common subjects of late-20th-century Latin American art, Larraz's interpretations are characterized by a unique subtlety and precise, detailed technique. Containing many biographical clues, Larraz's paintings make an allegory out of his life, showing the progression from his childhood in Cuba through a move to the U.S. and the travels and studies that continue to inform his work. Among his oeuvre are political caricatures made after his stint living in Washington, D.C., painting techniques adopted from artist Burt Silverman in New York, and references to Surrealist, early modern European, and 17th-century Spanish styles of painting.

Cuban, b. 1944, Havana, Cuba, based in Miami, Florida