Jun Kaneko, ‘Wall Slab 93-01-31’, 1992, Bentley Gallery

About Jun Kaneko

Best known for his large-scale, monumental dango (Japanese for “rounded form”) sculptures, Jun Kaneko makes glazed ceramicsm that resemble inflated, three-dimensional canvases. Often as tall as 13 feet, these objects are meant to spark interaction with both their immediate space and their architectural environments. “Whether I’m making a large or small object, in the end I hope it will make sense to have that particular scale and form together and that it will give off enough visual energy to shake the air around it,” he has said. Kaneko uses colored slips and masking tape to create motifs and patterns on his works after the firing process is over. This allows him to treat the surface as a curvilinear canvas and produce objects that are equal parts sculpture and painting. Kaneko also works in bronze, glass, textiles, prints, and has recently turned to stage design.

Japanese-American, b. 1942, Nagoya, Japan, based in Omaha, Nebraska