Jung Hur, ‘White Constellation #2’, 2016, E-Moderne Gallerie
Jung Hur, ‘White Constellation #2’, 2016, E-Moderne Gallerie

Jung’s works are based on the visual concept of Multi perspective. The constellation paintings are about how things look different when they are part of groups. A thing with a particular shape can still become part of another shape that is much larger. Sometimes the larger shape is more complex, but not necessarily (imagine, for example, the shape of a cloud versus the shape of fog).

Sometimes the smaller shape is more defined, but sometimes the larger shape comes into focus with more clarity. Here, my keyhole shapes become part of a larger system. The keyholes represent individual perspectives, so there are many ways to understand this painting, and there are many possible meanings to find.

I am particularly drawn to the liveliness of this kind of scene. It is effervescent, dynamic and alive. With the symbol shapes altogether, we see a different form coming into focus.

Series: Original Art

Signature: Yes

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E-moderne Gallerie, Philadelphia
The Lunder Gallery, Maine
The Corey Daniels Gallery, Maine
The Owen Gallery, Bethel, Maine
The White Box Gallery, NYC

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About Jung Hur

South Korean, b. 1960, Busan, South Korea, based in Maine, United States

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E-Moderne Gallerie, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 
Philadelphia, PA, United States,
Abstract Perspectives