Jung Hur, ‘White Egg’, 2017, E-Moderne Gallerie
Jung Hur, ‘White Egg’, 2017, E-Moderne Gallerie

Jung’s works are based on the visual concept of Multi perspective. The egg form in Jung's painting is created intentionally to relates to a mirror shape. The black and white backgrounds and forms play off each other as positive and negative space, reflections of each other.

The egg form relates to the mirror for Jung Hur in particular because of what goes into drawing the left as opposed to the right side of the egg. And with the alternating between dark and light backgrounds, Viewers have to ask ourselves: Does the form rise from the space, or move back into it? Does it represent forward growth or recognition - seeing something from the past?

Series: Original painting

Signature: Yes

Image rights: Artist & Gallery

E-moderne Gallerie, Philadelphia
The Lunder Gallery, Maine
The Corey Daniels Gallery, Maine
The Owen Gallery, Bethel, Maine
The White Box Gallery, NYC

Art New England


About Jung Hur

South Korean, b. 1960, Busan, South Korea, based in Maine, United States

Solo Shows

E-Moderne Gallerie, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 
Philadelphia, PA, United States,
Abstract Perspectives