Justin Beal, ‘Cucumber’, 2014, Grey Area

About Justin Beal

Drawing on his background in architecture, Justin Beal creates sculptural works that critique modern architecture, design, and consumerism, often with dark, humorous, and sexual undertones. Beal has been inspired by architect Paul Rudolph, whose interiors made of glass and chrome evoke a change from modern to postmodern design and contain a tension between materials that Beal strives for among his own objects. In his 2012 work Untitled (Cucumber and Cantaloupes), a sculpture of a cantaloupe, intercepted by a cucumber, is cast in aluminum and nickel in a subtle allusion to the sexuality of luxury design. Other sculptures use materials such as mirrors, plastic wrap, Plexiglas, and polyethylene, often coating domestic and design objects to unveil their hidden undertones, or as Beal has said, to "address [their] sublimated desire."

American, b. 1978, Boston, Massachusetts