Justin Lyons, ‘Love is a Burning Flame’, 2018, Oliver Cole Gallery

Justin Lyons
Love Is A Burning Flame
60" x 48"
Mixed Media

Justin Lyons credits his introduction into the world of “street art” as “the spark” that led him to pursue his own form of artistic expression. Nearly a decade ago and after moving to the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida from the Orlando area, Justin was invited by a friend to go “wheatpasting” one night. (Wheatpasting is basically a form of street art where you paste paper images, drawings, etc...to things like walls, signs or power boxes in public.) As Justin describes it, “Something happened to me that night. Something that has had one of the most impactful influences on my life. What I found out was that people who saw our stuff on the streets were confused, shocked, excited, even mad sometimes. It was then that I realized art didn't have to be limited to museums or to the stark-white walls of galleries. I discovered that art could also find its way into the urban landscape and still be powerful.” Producing art that was raw, expressive, loose, and risky, provided Justin an outlet for his creative impulses.

Today, Justin’s mediums include wood, acrylic, house paint, spray paint, oil stick, epoxy resin and pencil. He aims to produce art that sticks with the viewer long after they seen it. “What I am after is capturing the thoughts and feelings of the human condition with images and words that make you stop and think about what's in front of you.” Justin wants “to make honest art, raw art, vulnerable art, art that makes you happy, art that makes you cry,” and ultimately, art that's approachable to everyone and the human element within. Justin’s inspirations are most often triggered by a word, phrase or thought, which in association with the other elements within the work, intend to try and tell a story without giving away too much, letting the viewer interpret his own connection to the piece.

About Justin Lyons