Justin Rothshank, ‘Dinner with the Presidents’, 2016, Ferrin Contemporary

"Dinner with the Presidents" is an installation of handmade commemorative tableware featuring the Presidents of the United States. Distinctly American, this work references traditions in ceramics including Presidential china commissioned by each president and the Armorial services produced in China for European aristocracy and American merchants.

Using pop-culture imagery and easily recognizable visual information widely circulated on the web, in combination with a lifelong interest in politics and history, Rothshank intends his work to provoke and engage the discussion of politics in a positive and thoughtful way. This work educates, recollects, and evokes dialog about the ideas surrounding a fundamental American system of politics through the use of familiar objects in the language of ceramics.

Dinner with the Presidents and Know Justice (first shown at Ferrin Contemporary during the 2016 election season) are part of an ongoing series of functional tableware that includes portraiture of important social and politically known figures such as first ladies, human rights activists, and Supreme Court Justices. Rothshank’s intention is to inspire the conversation about politics into the future.

In addition to individual settings, the complete set is available for purchase and for special exhibitions at libraries, historical societies, and museums.

First shown at Ferrin Contemporary in 2016 in the exhibition"Know Justice: Brooke and Justin Rothshank."

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