Jutta Koether, ‘Traveling Light II’, 2016, Bortolami

About Jutta Koether

Since the 1990s, German artist Jutta Koether has reflected on contemporary culture through her painting, performance, music, and writing. Koether is most commonly recognized for her abstract paintings that combine vibrant colors and gestural strokes with contemporary and historical imagery, such as graffiti-like brushwork, song lyrics, images of women, floral motifs, and other symbolic references. In her own take on Neoclassical renderings of landscapes and Biblical images, Koether painted a series based on 17th-century painter Nicolas Poussin's The Four Seasons. Using frenetic lines in contrast to Poussin's formal refined techniques, Koether reveals her contemporary view of the seasons and notes the context of the work, a theme also carried through in her display of the works, frequently meant to be site-specific.

German, b. 1958, Cologne, Germany, based in New York/Berlin