Kahn & Selesnick, ‘Alexis, Elderflower, Lamb’, 2015, Carrie Haddad Gallery

Archival pigment print, 10 x 10 inches on 17 x 22 inch paper ($2000)
Also available in 24 x 24 inches ($3500) and 32 x 32 inches ($4500)

Composed in a warm palette of ochre, brick, umber, sienna, and deep blue, this photograph by artist duo Kahn & Selesnick combines the classically beautiful with the carnivalesque. The image depicts a young woman in period dress standing in a shallow pool, surrounded by a marshy backdrop. She holds a skinny lamb in her arms. Part of Kahn and Selesnick's Dreams of a Drowning World series, this image is a single thread to be woven into a greater narrative.

Series: Dreams of Drowning World

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