Kanata Goto, ‘Scrap Work No.49’, 2015, Frantic Gallery

The tribal vibe in works of Kanata Goto in a paradoxical but no less harmonic way meets with futuristic imaginary. Geometry and architectonics intertwine here with aggressive colors and tactile feeling. Neither installation nor sculptures, his works overcome genre and style restrictions and bring in contemporary art “totem and taboo” dimension of desire, while triggering unconscious work of “worship”. Connecting prehistoric past with sci-fi type of future Goto throws together the epochs as if playing with deep and unrecognized desires on one hand and law and order on another.
More about the artist: http://www.frantic.jp/en/artist/artist-goto.html

Signature: Signed by artist

Kanata Goto | 後藤宙
1991 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2016 Tokyo Art University, Design Dept., B.A.

Solo Exhibitions
2016 “Through The Grid”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 “Tokyo Midtown Award Winning Works”, Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo
2016 “Atlas”, Tokyo Art University, Tokyo
2016 “Minato Medium Museum”, various locations, Ibaraki pref.
2016 “Buramachi Art Festival”, various locations, Hiroshima pref.
2015 “Tangled Faces, Folded Bodies”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
2015 “Where Threads Lead”, Frantic Gallery, Tokyo
2014 “Crossfeedback”, Gallery Yougen, Tokyo
2014 Liquitex Art Prize Show, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
2013 “Sin-sin-kai-kai”, Le Deco Gallery, Tokyo
2013 “Hitotose”, Orange Gallery, Tokyo

2016 Tokyo Midtown Award, Grand Prix
2016 Minato Media Museum Award, Grand Prix
2015 Spiral Award, Spiral Independent Creators Festival

About Kanata Goto

Japanese, b. 1991, Tokyo, Japan, based in Tokyo, Japan