Kang Chan Mo, ‘Light Love – Meditation’, 2016, Lilac Gallery

Kang Chan Mo was born in 1949 in Nonsan City, Korea. He graduated from the Department of Western Painting, College of Arts and Chung-Ang University. He studied traditional Coloration at Japan School of Art. And as well studied traditional coloration in Tsukuba University, in Japan. He was Awarded 2013 Gold Prize at Salon Exhibition, The France Beauregard castle Museum. Progressively fed by his background in history of art and steps of his personal experiences, and based on his belief in the being and a deep idea of purity, his painting puts us at the heart of the reign of nature, through atmospheres imbued with silence and peace, suiting the specialty of his sensitive and mental approach. In margin of aesthetically and accepted classifications, his perception is not satisfied by the surface of things, but endeavors to keep only the essential of the rendering. This approach cultivates the process of ellipse and strips his backgrounds from what is superfluous, with necessary distance in order to shape the shortcut that sharpens the presence.

Signature: Signed on verso

Image rights: Lilac Gallery Ltd.

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