Karen Kilimnik, ‘Dancers in the Wings, moths, Paris Opera, Degas’, 2007, Rago

In Dancers in the Wings, moths, Paris Opera, Degas, Karen Kilimnik recreates a classic ballet image by Edgar Degas and furthers the ephemeral quality of his work. By effacing and blurring the details seen in the original, Kilimnik creates the effect that this piece is not a copy of the work, but rather a visual memory of it. As Kilimnik studies the idea and perception of nostalgia, this painting stands out as an exploration of artists’ use of past works as inspiration. Kilimnik will be represented by 303 Gallery this October at Frieze London 2016.

Unlimited edition

Signature: Signed to verso

About Karen Kilimnik

Orchestrating a correspondence between the Romantic tradition and consumer culture, Kilimnik creates wildly imaginative paintings, drawings, assemblage sculptures, installations, photographs, and videos with an uncanny, nostalgic sense of beauty. First noted for her installations of pop cultural detritus (as part of the "scatter art" movement of the 1990s) that recalled the work of feminist artists like Joan Jonas and Barbara Bloom, Kilimnik now includes her own paintings and drawings in her site-specific projects. For a 2007 exhibition, Kilimnik created a room within the larger gallery that mimicked the interior of a 19th-century bordello, her ornately framed paintings hanging salon-style on garish red brocade-covered walls (Red Room, 2007). The easel-sized paintings combined art-historical tradition, fashion imagery, and an awkward, personal intimacy.

American, b. 1957, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania