Kari Orvik, ‘Untitled 2, from the series "Exercises for moving in between"’, 2013, Headlands Center for the Arts: Benefit Auction 2018

Kari Orvik (Headlands Graduate Fellow ‘12–‘13) is a San Francisco photographer specializing in the wet plate collodion technique. She takes an experimental approach to this historic process, exploring memory and change over time in both a social and personal context. The series Exercises for Moving In Between records her tightrope practice, a project which began as a personal negotiation of place at her family’s home in Norway, and continued during her graduate fellowship at Headlands Center for the Arts. A graduate of Stanford University with an MFA from UC Berkeley, her work has been exhibited at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive; SF Camerawork; Petersen Museum, Los Angeles; and on the covers of Popular Photography and San Francisco Magazine. She will be an Artist in Residence at Recology San Francisco this year, and has received grants from the San Francisco Arts Commission and the San Francisco Foundation’s Murphy and Cadogan Scholarship. Orvik currently operates her own tintype portrait studio in San Francisco.

Framing courtesy of The Painters Place

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist