Karin Broker, ‘painful get-well bouquet’, 2017, McClain Gallery

About Karin Broker

Karin Broker creates art that deals with the experience of being a woman, referencing topics such as “bad boyfriends, quirky family problems, death, and that ever-marching ticking of time called aging.” Drawing and printmaking are at the center of her work; she creates monoprints and lush works in conté on formica panels that recall the floral still life paintings of the Dutch Old Masters. Broker also works in three dimensions, creating hand-etched steel furniture and wunderkammer-like sculptures embellished with rhinestones. Woven within her imagery is a narrative related to feminist history. The artist includes text citations of names and historical events to call to mind gender stereotypes and themes of femininity, beauty, and loss.

American, b. 1950