Karin Lambrecht, ‘Jardim à Noite’, 2011, Galeria Nara Roesler

Image rights: courtesy of the artist and galeria nara roesler

About Karin Lambrecht

Straddling painting and sculpture, art and politics, Karin Lambrecht’s work references Arte Povera and Joseph Beuys, but most essentially embodies the gestural abstraction of her 1980s generation. Using vibrant, self-produced pigments, Lambrecht applies broad, gestural brushstrokes to hand-stitched, frameless, torn, and burned canvases, incorporating organic materials such as animal blood, charcoal, and earth. Her recurring motifs include crosses, the human body, and handwritten or stamped words that peak out from layers of paint evoking illness, death, and cure. The notion of healing, especially as embodied by color, lies at the core of her work.

Brazilian, b. 1957, Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil, based in Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil