Karine Leger, ‘Dancing Sky 7’, 2017, Headlands Center for the Arts: Benefit Auction 2017

Karine Léger's approach first involves the need to deconstruct in order to lay the foundations for an introspective reconstruction. In the studio, bits of torn and cut paper and photographs form a growing pile on the work table. Individual pieces will be meticulously selected for color, texture, and shape, to be arranged and rearranged, assembled and reassembled, in a quest for a certain balance. Each of her paintings consists of simple, clean lines and a restricted palette; through the simplicity of her structures and the clarity of the forms, her paintings suggest a skyline or a geometric terrain. Solo exhibitions of her work have included At your meeting, Midtown Sanctuary, Montreal; Where we met, Exhibit by Aberson, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Faceless, Narcisse Bistro, Montreal; and Forest (photographs), StudioBizz, Montreal. Léger's work has been featured in exhibitions at Lanoue Gallery, Boston; Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts, Canada; Galerie MX, Montreal; and Gesamt Gallery, Netherlands; among others.
–Courtesy of Headlands Center for the Arts

Image rights: Courtesy of Simon Breitbard Fine Arts

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