Karine Leger, ‘Suspended Snow’, Exhibit by Aberson

Karine Léger's approach first involves the need to deconstruct in order to lay the foundations for an introspective reconstruction. In the studio, bits of torn and cut-up paper and photographs form a growing pile on the work table. Individual pieces from the pile will be meticulously selected for colour, texture and shape, to be arranged and rearranged, assembled and reassembled, in a quest for the right balance. Each of her paintings consists of simple clean lines and a restricted palette.

Through the simplicity of her structures and the clarity of the forms, her paintings suggest a skyline or a geometric terrain. There are places where the line becomes mountain, where the gesture evokes the tide, a breath of time passing. The layers and monochrome touches add a profoundly moving dimension to these pieces.

The work of Karine Léger is a pretext for a meeting of shapes and shades which seem to emerge from a hidden light source. It creates a contemplative space for the viewer to lose – or indeed find – themselves for a moment.

2016 Where we met (solo show), Exhibit by Aberson – Tulsa, OK (USA)

2016 Duo with Jaeok Lee, Lanoue Gallery – Boston, MA (USA)

2016 Salon du printemps des artistes des Cantons-de-l'Est, Édition 2016, Musée des beaux-Arts of Sherbrooke

2015 Bleu (group show),– Maison des arts et de la culture de Brompton – Sherbrooke

2015 Intervalle – with artist Patricia Barrowman, Galerie MX – Montreal

2014 Winter Group Show, Lanoue Gallery – Boston (USA)

2014 Traits abstraits (group show), Galerie MX – Montreal

2014 Duo with artist Joanna Chelkowska, Galerie D – Montreal

2013 Déconstruction (exposition Collective), Galerie D – Montreal

2013 Museum of Fine Arts of Sherbrooke (boutique) – Sherbrooke

2012 Galerie Suite 60 – Trois-Rivières

2012 Pi2 (group show), Galerie MX – Montreall

2012 Le nord, le sud – with artist Daniel Lalonde, Galerie Espace – Montreal

2011 Gesamt Galerie, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2011 A small conversation (photography), with artist Greer Versteeg, Le Barbare – Montreal

2010 Sans visage, Narcisse Bistro – Montreal

2009 Forêt (photographies), StudioBizz – Montreal

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