Karl Hyde, ‘BPM #14’, 2013, Bernard Jacobson Gallery

About Karl Hyde

British artist Karl Hyde, a member of the electronic music group Underworld, is known for producing visual installations for his band’s stage performances. Off stage, he creates large-scale, abstract paintings he claims are inspired by the visual marks seen in his mind while dancing onstage. These markings are then translated to paper in a style reminiscent of Japanese Zen calligraphy (highly based on meditation), wherein Hyde visualizes his gestures prior to beginning the work. Hyde will often achieve the thickness of his brushstrokes by combining many smaller brushes into one, a dramatic effect he says is meant to evoke loud, violent dancing. In Dancing in the Wind (2010), Hyde incorporates graphite, soft pastel, and charcoal into an acrylic painting named for its frenetic, gestural energy.

British, b. 1957