Karl Lagerfeld, ‘Le Dinner au Chateau’, 1988, Galerie Hans Mayer

About Karl Lagerfeld

“What I really like is what I’ve never done before,” declares Karl Lagerfeld, one of the most successful designers in the history of fashion. He is now known as much for his iconic powder-white ponytail and dark sunglasses as he is for his radically creative vision and ever-expanding realms of interest. Not just focusing on fashion, he has projects in the realms of photography, publishing, design, and film directing. In addition to overseeing his own collection, he is also the designer and creative director of Chanel and Fendi. In addition, he regularly works with numerous luxury and mass-market brands, including Chloé and H&M. In his clothing, he combines elegance, structure, and severity, drawing inspiration from eclectic and idiosyncratic sources. “I can tell you all sort of bullsh-t,” he once stated, “but I work only from feelings and motivations and creations and needs and opportunities.”

German, b. 1938