Karl Martin Holzhäuser, ‘Lichtmalerei 60.11.2004’, 2004, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery

Karl Martin Holzhäuser, b. 1944 in Germany, is one of the earliest champions of Concrete Photography. Today, Holzhäuser has returned to the roots of his chosen artistic medium, creating a new genre in the field of cameraless photography that combines the stringency of premeditated instructions with elements of calculated chance. Calling this work “Lichtmalerei” or “painting with light,” Holzhäuser works completely in the dark, following a predevised “score” of the movement of light from memory, and allowing for extemporaneous adjustments by hand.

The Peter C. Ruppert Collection, Museum im Kulturspeicher Würzburg Museum für Kunst und Geschichte, Freiburg
Photographic Collection of the City of Leinfelden
Photographic Collection of the City of Detmold
The Artothek Kunstverein, Bielefeld Marburger Kunstverein, Marburg Schupmann Collection

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