Karsten K. Krebs, ‘Onyx . O nix’, 1998-2001, Galerie Koch

one of three orginal versions

Signature: verso signed, dated and inscribed

About Karsten K. Krebs

In addition to making sculpture, Karsten K. Krebs’s resume includes architecture, lighting, interior, and garden design, as well as a professorship of spatial art at the Peter Behrens School of Architecture, in Dusseldorf, Germany. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that his status as a bonafide jack-of-all-trades draws many influences into his art practice. In Pornographia (2012), Krebs examines the relationship between image and text, while simultaneously taking inspiration from art historical archetypes of the ideal form, both human and manmade. His pieces reference thousands of years of human history, from the Ancient Greeks to the 20th-century Surrealists, always maintaining a sleek and refined aesthetic.

German, b. 1945, based in Hannover, Germany