Kate deLigne, ‘Freeze’, 2015, Artspace Warehouse

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Kate deLigne is a Los Angeles based artist. She graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 2014 with a BFA in Photography and Media. deLigne works with reflective materials to create multiple perspectives in photographs. She is greatly influenced by the ever changing beauty of nature in contrast with the technological world we live in today.

“What we perceive is not often what is actually there” explains deLigne. “Contemplating the sliding scale of first impressions, the deception of perception, is a motivating factor in my work. The use of malleable reflective materials in the photographs portrays the melding of technology and nature. The power of nature in contrast with the distorted reflections derived from the man-made materials is the heart of the photograph. The third factor that connects and influences technology and nature is human nature. The knowledge that technology, nature and human nature are unpredictable and imperfect leaves me with the conclusion that when they are partnered they strengthen one another. This unity can be looked at from several different perspectives leading back to the subjective view of perception.”

This artwork is not framed. A certificate of authenticity is included.

2015 Physical Artistry: “Heat Wave”, Santa Monica, CA
2014 D300Gallery: “Integrated”, Valencia, CA
2013 D300Gallery: “Ecology is Dead”, Valencia, CA
2013 D300 Gallery: “Essay / Assay / I Say”, Valencia, CA
2013 Open Studios: “Office Ours”, Valencia, CA
2013 D301 Gallery: “so it goes”, Valencia, CA
2013 1600 Vine: “Mirrors”, Hollywood, CA
2012 D300 Gallery: “2”, Valencia, CA
2012 Gallery 50: “Woman House”, Highland Park, CA
2012 Stevenson Blanche Gallery: “Anonymous”, Valencia, CA
2011 Main Gallery: “1”, Valencia, CA
2008 Lambert Investments Properties: “Venice”, Los Angeles, CA

Signature: Signed on the back