Kate Sansom, ‘What Are Some Reasons You'd Be a Valuable Asset to Our Company?’, 2016, Rowing

As the artist notes, "In online forums, there are ‘confessional’ moments. In the process of recounting day to day in a typically blasé and light way, there can be instances of sincerity, and candour. "These," Sansom explains, "are some of the more successful moments in the garble that is a typical blog diary. It’s these moments that I draw associations to the tradition of confessionalist literature, in their appeal being the sincerity and relatability of the human experience. There are more obvious examples of discussing the dark recesses of psychology online - chat forums dedicated to suicide prevention for example - but those usually function with a level of anonymity. The act of sharing one's personal thoughts in a forum with 10,000 or so followers [my work acts] as a potential for a new form of confessionalism, one that I’m pushing with this new body of work."

Signature: This work comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

"Assets," 2016, solo exhibition, Rowing, London, UK

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