Kate Shepherd, ‘ BAZOOKA JOE, VALUE 3 COMICS, Rembrandt (suite of five)’, 2013, Lower East Side Printshop

Publisher: Lower East Side Printshop

About Kate Shepherd

Kate Shepherd explores formal relationships in her paintings, prints, and silkscreens, combining a pared-down minimalist style with humanism, via the artist’s hand. She typically paints smooth monochrome surfaces in subtle variations of color—sometimes stacking individual panels together vertically—before rendering matrixes of thin white lines atop them, evoking manmade structures or architectural plans. Her imagery derives from computer-manipulated patterns and architectural prototypes, but she renders the lines by hand, bringing a human element to otherwise pristine forms and colors. More recently she has created cut screenprints with archival tape in triangular forms and silkscreen monotypes featuring overlapping multicolored rectangles. Her work has been compared to that of Robert Mangold.

American, b. 1961, New York, New York

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Heiner Contemporary, 
STASH: Polly Apfelbaum, Ingrid Calame, Tara Donovan, Deborah Kass, Kate Shepherd, Jon-Phillip Sheridan and Austin Thomas