Kate Steciw, ‘Construction145’, 2016, Brand New Gallery

About Kate Steciw

Kate Steciw’s sculptures, video installations, and photographs have been associated with the post-internet movement and are inspired by events in popular culture. Her digital photographic collages interrogate the relationship between reality and virtual representation, splicing together a disparate group of objects that mirror how internet is consumed; the images, taken out of their commercial context, are reimagined as contemporary abstract mosaics. Other work by the artist, like her 2012 series “Boundless Hyper,” incorporate mixed-media materials, such as glass beads, stickers, car ornaments, and bandages. Steciw aims to make photographs that “move beyond the 2D and exist in 3 and even 4D spaces or implied spaces but also juxtapos[e] the mundane or expected with the altered or intangible,” as she has said.

American, b. 1978, based in Brooklyn, New York

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