Kateřina Šedá, ‘Huyndai: Visitors Day’, 2011, Future Generation Art Prize

About Kateřina Šedá

Katerina Seda, who studied at the Academy of Arts in Prague, does not consider herself an artist, but a director using public events or collective action to create art. Seda explains that the themes of her work are the quotidian, location, and individual storytelling: “In all my public actions, I try to create an exchange between people in their everyday spaces.” Many of her works are site-specific and made in collaboration with local participants. For example, in Exhibition Behind the Windows (2001), 150 residents of Lisen collectively used their houses’ windows to create a performance installation. Seda has also included her own family as subjects; her famous It Doesn’t Matter (2005-07) is a multi-media collection of interviews, sketches and documentation featuring her grandmother as the protagonist.

Czech, b. 1977, Brno, Czech Republic, based in Prague and Brno, Czech Republic