Kathrin Sonntag, ‘Mittnacht’, 2008, Guggenheim Museum

Collection: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

Image rights: © Kathrin Sonntag

"Photo-Poetics: An Anthology"

Venue: Guggenheim Museum, New York (2015)

Purchased with funds contributed by the Photography Committee and Manuel de Santaren 2011

About Kathrin Sonntag

Kathrin Sonntag creates artworks that portray everyday situations and scenes injected with uncanny and unsettling details. In sculpture, photography, film, and drawings, Sonntag evokes environments that are familiar yet oddly fraught and foreign, attempting to capture “the moment when abstraction hits everyday life.” For her 2008 “Mittnacht” (Midnight) project, she created photographs evoking paranormal phenomena through intricate plays of reflection, shadow, and light in simple barren interiors. Sonntag’s installations are combinations of household and studio objects set in ambiguous configurations—a table “standing” on a wall, a doorframe with no door—intended to elicit complex associations and a reconsideration of typical viewing experiences.

German, b. 1981, Berlin, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany