Kathryn Spence, ‘Untitled’, 2009, Wirtz Art

About Kathryn Spence

Kathryn Spence uses found urban detritus, trash, and miscellaneous paper, wire, fabric, and string to meticulously recreate wildlife and natural environments. These mixed-media assemblages and installations point to the invasion of the natural world by human waste. Relating to one of her best-known series, “Pigeons” (1997), Spence discusses her inspiration: “The city's so dirty, you just don't have access to nature. So I was happy to even see pigeons on the concrete. I started trying to figure out what to make them out of. I'd see newspapers run over by cars and think that they looked like dead pigeons. So I started gathering up the newspapers and street garbage to make the pigeons.” Spence’s controlled accumulations open up dialogue about hoarding, consumerism, and recycling.

German, b. 1963

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