Kathryn Van Dyke, ‘silver rectangles, slight rose, white squares, indigo’, 2011, Wirtz Art

About Kathryn Van Dyke

Kathryn Van Dyke’s mixed-media paintings and collages of colorful geometric patterns in oil, graphite, and repurposed printed text are harmonic explorations of the surface’s ability to produce meditative and poetic experiences. While her images lack the mathematical pre-programming of the Minimalist grid in the manner of Sol LeWitt, they display an abiding fascination with irregular grids and networks of color blocks, rigid graphite lines, and dark vertical and horizontal bands of oil. Van Dyke experiments freely with different surface textures to create rich and contradictory experiences for viewers. She finds that the richness of painting lies in the multiple perspectives a single surface can convey through the play of form, light, and texture.

American, b. 1965