Katia Kameli, ‘L'Oeil se noie’, 2016, Tiwani Contemporary

About Katia Kameli

Born in France to a French-Algerian family, Katia Kameli produces installations, photographs, and videos that explore North African and Middle Eastern communities, sometimes creating idiosyncratic situations. Kameli’s photographs are nonchalant documents of spaces in France and North Africa, which feature subtle references that capture tensions between tradition and change, Western and Muslim culture. Inspired by the Situationists, Kameli’s work performs a kind of dérive that unearths unseen realities within an environment. “Being in-between and every kind of hybridization are central motifs in my work. This is because of my own history,” the artist has said. “I have always traveled back and forth between many countries and was never tied to a single region.”

French-Algerian, b. 1973