Katie Paterson, ‘100 Billion Suns’, 2012 , Ingleby Gallery
Katie Paterson, ‘100 Billion Suns’, 2012 , Ingleby Gallery

Gamma Ray Bursts are the brightest explosions in the
universe, which burn with a luminosity 100 billion times that of our sun. The confetti cannons created for 100 Billion Suns contain 3,216 pieces of paper whose colours correspond to each of these cosmic events. Every burst of confetti creates a miniature explosion of these vast explosions, in just under
a second. Cannons will be set off at regular intervals during
the exhibition at a series of unspecified locations around
Edinburgh, timing with the One o’clock Gun.

About Katie Paterson

Katie Paterson's conceptual, interdisciplinary practice combines a scientific, research-based approach with a clean minimalist presentation. Focusing on cosmology, ecology, and geology, Paterson's intimate works engage the viewer with monumental ideas of time and the cosmos, as in Vatnajökull (the sound of) (2007–08), a neon phone number that connected callers to sounds culled from a microphone submerged in the meltwater of an Icelandic glacier. For Light bulb to Simulate Moonlight (2008), Paterson approached OSRAM, a manufacturer of daylight bulbs, to develop a bulb that emitted the quality of light of a full moon.

Scottish, b. 1981, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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