Katie Paterson, ‘Second Moon’, 2013-2014, Ingleby Gallery

Second Moon is a small lunar satellite, a fragment of the
Moon, orbiting the Earth via air-freight courier. The lunar
meteorite orbits in an elliptical anti-clockwise motion, moving
across the UK, China, Australia and the USA. Travelling at approximately twice the speed of our Moon, over one year Second Moon will orbit the Earth 30 times. Second Moon is scheduled to end its journey during the run of this exhibition and will be stationed in the gallery in September.

About Katie Paterson

Katie Paterson's conceptual, interdisciplinary practice combines a scientific, research-based approach with a clean minimalist presentation. Focusing on cosmology, ecology, and geology, Paterson's intimate works engage the viewer with monumental ideas of time and the cosmos, as in Vatnajökull (the sound of) (2007–08), a neon phone number that connected callers to sounds culled from a microphone submerged in the meltwater of an Icelandic glacier. For Light bulb to Simulate Moonlight (2008), Paterson approached OSRAM, a manufacturer of daylight bulbs, to develop a bulb that emitted the quality of light of a full moon.

Scottish, b. 1981, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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