Katie Paterson, ‘Vatnajökull (the sound of), Archive’, 2007-2008, Ingleby Gallery
Katie Paterson, ‘Vatnajökull (the sound of), Archive’, 2007-2008, Ingleby Gallery

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Vatnajökull (the sound of) was first staged in 2007 and
connected people via a phoneline to Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland. An underwater microphone lead into Jökulsárlón lagoon – an outlet glacial lagoon of Vatnajökull filled with
icebergs – connected to an amplifier and a mobile phone,
which created a live phone line to the glacier. This (neon)
phone number could be called from any telephone in the world, the listener put through to Vatnajökull. The resulting archive includes a sound recording of the glacier melting and a book recording the thousands of phone numbers that called the original live link.

About Katie Paterson

Katie Paterson's conceptual, interdisciplinary practice combines a scientific, research-based approach with a clean minimalist presentation. Focusing on cosmology, ecology, and geology, Paterson's intimate works engage the viewer with monumental ideas of time and the cosmos, as in Vatnajökull (the sound of) (2007–08), a neon phone number that connected callers to sounds culled from a microphone submerged in the meltwater of an Icelandic glacier. For Light bulb to Simulate Moonlight (2008), Paterson approached OSRAM, a manufacturer of daylight bulbs, to develop a bulb that emitted the quality of light of a full moon.

Scottish, b. 1981, Glasgow, United Kingdom

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