Katja Loher, ‘Are eruptions just a dart in the planet burning heart?’, 2016, Galerie Andres Thalmann

Image rights: Galerie Andres Thalmann, Katja Loher

About Katja Loher

Katja Loher creates lush, dreamlike sculptures-cum-videos—which she calls “videoplanets” and “miniverses”—through which she explores the condition of living in a globalized world, the ramifications of our disregard for nature, and the tension between the escapism of imagination and the harshness of reality. “I believe that one of the important factors of art is to show different perspectives, and to give access to things and open eyes to factors that we don’t see,” she explains. Shot from a bird’s-eye vantage and projected onto or into blown-glass orbs and balloons, or appearing inside of small openings punctuating opaque spheres, Loher’s videos take viewers into kaleidoscopic worlds populated by dancers and actors, who engage with natural and urban spaces, sometimes attempting to take viewers along for the ride.

Swiss, b. 1979, Zurich, Switzerland, based in Basel and Brooklyn, New York