Katrin Fridriks, ‘Riding Awareness Messenger Molecule’, 2013, Circle Culture Gallery

About Katrin Fridriks

Drawing influences from contemporary pop art, graffiti, and the calligraphic arts, Katrin Fridriks paints hyperkinetic abstract compositions filled with swirls of vibrant color, as well as large-scale installations that address environmental and political issues such as genetic research and the exhaustion of natural resources. Fridriks has painted monochromatic works—black on white, and white on black—as well as color-rich compositions whose tangles of drips and brushstrokes have drawn comparisons with the paintings of Jackson Pollock. She has also created work for commercial brands including Land Rover and Ralph Lauren.

Icelandic, b. 1974, Reykjavik, Iceland

Solo Shows on Artsy

Macrocosm, Lazarides, London
NEW WAVE, Circle Culture Gallery, Hamburg
Stendhal Syndrome, Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin

Group Shows on Artsy

GIVE 2015 Charity Sale, Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin