KATSU, ‘Bad Atmosphere’, 2014, The Hole


A self-described artist-vandal-hacker, KATSU first became known in the 1990s as part of the New York City graffiti community. He is infamous for pioneering the use of fire extinguisher spray cans, which allow him to write graffiti on a monumental scale, and creating fictional “documentary” videos of himself tagging spaces such as the White House. “A lot of my work comes out of demonstrating and experimenting with different technologies for creative use,” he says. Most recently, KATSU created “graffiti drones” from quadcopters with spray can attachments, so that he could create abstract works on once-inaccessible surfaces. He hopes to develop the machine as an open-source technology, so that other artists can replicate the drones.

American, based in New York, New York