Katsura Funakoshi, ‘Drawing No.1410’, 2014, Annely Juda Fine Art

About Katsura Funakoshi

Katsura Funakoshi makes whimsical, figurative sculptures that connect the physical and the metaphysical. Carved meticulously from camphor wood, his hybrid characters have delicately modeled skin, luminescent marble eyes, turquoise-tinted chests, and legs made of branches. At once human and surreal, Funakoshi’s figures are totems for the bond between mind and body. In recent works, garlands made of books, fruit, flying bodies, and floating hands extend from the shoulders and heads of the figures, embodying the direct representations of their dreams. In Funakoshi’s words, “When something happens, I can see lots of things which stand up from one’s shoulder just like an aurora and a rainbow, orbiting above one’s head, and sinking into the other side.”

Japanese, b. 1951