K'cho, ‘Sin Titulo’, 2013, Mixografia

Publisher: Mixografia®

About K'cho

K’cho, born Alexis Leyva Machado, is known best for his mixed-media sculptures, frequently referencing his childhood near the sea; many of his works either use images of the sea or utilize found objects associated with it, including boats, propellers, driftwood, inner tubes, and fishing nets. As a student, K’cho was deeply inspired by American and European modernists: he cited Bruce Nauman as an early influence, and Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp as his idols. However, his works incorporate Cuban imagery and quotidian objects; frequently referencing contemporary social or political issues in Cuba, such as exodus or immigration. Though these works are sometimes interpreted as critical or statements of protest against the Cuban government, K’cho does not necessarily believe there is an overt political purpose in his practice.

Cuban, b. 1970, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba, based in Havana, Cuba