Keiichi Tanaami, ‘Lost and Wandering Bridge Series No. 9’, 2011, Addicted Art Gallery

Good To Know: Unframed, professionally packed and stored flat in our humidity controlled art storage facility, condition report available upon request

Series: Lost and Wondering Bridge Series

Signature: Hand signed and numbered

Arty-Fact: The release of this print coincided with “The Dividing Bridge” exhibition held at Nanzuka Underground in November 2011. For Tanaami, the bridge is a place connected with death. During his childhood, Tanaami saw the horrors of WWII and the images of bodies strewn along a drum bridge during a night air raid. These images stayed with him.

Tanaami faced his own mortality when he experienced a pulmonary edema at age 44. During his illness, he suffered hallucinations and nightmares.

For Tanaami, the bridge is symbolic of the crossing between this world and the next. The space beneath the bridge is believed to belong to another world, separate from reality – removed from everyday order – a spot for hiding dead bodies and a secret gathering place for prostitutes. These are recurrent themes in his Lost and Wondering Bridge Series.

Source: Nanzuka

About Keiichi Tanaami

Keiichi Tanaami is a seminal figure in Japanese Pop art. “Most of my expressions are based on my actual experiences,” he has said. “The countless amount of stimulative experiences, happenings and encounters…they become the keywords of my expressions.” Best known for his cartoonish and colorful paintings that blend dream figures and references to childhood experiences with pop culture iconography, Tanaami has also worked in video, animation, as well as graphic design and commercial illustration, drawing profound influence from the work of Andy Warhol.

Japanese, b. 1936, Tokyo, Japan