Keith Carter, ‘Conversation With A Coyote ’, photo-eye Gallery

About Keith Carter

Using traditional historic methods, Keith Carter produces toned black-and-white photographs of people, animals, and natural scenes that merge reality and the fantastic. His images resonate with references to mythology and fairytales, Southern folklore, and religion. Explaining his artistic development, Carter once said: “I come out of a documentary tradition, but after awhile I wanted to put my own stamp on things. It became clear to me that the subject matter I really cared about had to do with a sense of place, of geography, of the animal world, of the spiritual world and the elements of theology and folklore.” Carter is a self-taught photographer who spent much of his career as a professor. He cites Ansel Adams and Paul Strand as influences, as well as his friends, neighbors, family, and the culture and folkways of the American South.

American, b. 1948, Madison, WI, United States