Keith Carter, ‘La Specola Sudy 1’, Kitano Alley Gallery

"Keith Carter (June 3, 1948, Madison, Wisconsin) is an American photographer, educator, and artist noted for his dreamlike photos of people, animals and objects.His commitment to long term personal projects has resulted in the publication of twelve monographs including FROM UNCERTAIN TO BLUE (1988), THE BLUE MAN (1990), MOJO (1992), HEAVEN OF ANIMALS (1996), BONES (1996), KEITH CARTER-TWENTY FIVE YEARS (1997), HOLDING VENUS (2000), EZEKIEL'S HORSE (2000), TWO SPIRITS (with Mauro Fiorese) (2001), OPERA NUDA (2006), DREAM A PLACE OF DREAMS (with Mauro Fiorese) (2008), A CERTAIN ALCHEMY (2008) and FIREFLIES: PHOTOGRAPHS OF CHILDREN (2009). In addition, Carter's editorial work has included cds, albums, book jackets, and over 6000 portraits of children.Today, Carter is teaching photography at Lamar University, where he is Regents Professor and holds the Endowed Walles Chair of Visual and Performing Arts. Carter has been awarded the University's highest teaching honors, the Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award and University Professor Award. In addition he conducts workshops and seminars in the United States, Latin America, and Europe.

In addition to his books, Carter's photographs are included in a great many public and private collections; including the Art Institute of Chicago, President and Mrs. Barack Obama, Smithsonian American Art Museum, National Gallery of Art, George Eastman House, J. Paul Getty Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Wittliff Gallery of Southwestern and Mexican Photography at Texas State University.

In 2009 Carter was awarded the Texas Medal of Arts. A 2006 documentary on Carter's work titled The Photographers Series: Keith Carter was produced by Anthropy Arts in New York. In 1997, ""Keith Carter: Poet of the Ordinary"" was produced as a national television arts segment on CBS Sunday Morning and in 1991 Carter received the Lange-Taylor Prize from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University."

About Keith Carter

Using traditional historic methods, Keith Carter produces toned black-and-white photographs of people, animals, and natural scenes that merge reality and the fantastic. His images resonate with references to mythology and fairytales, Southern folklore, and religion. Explaining his artistic development, Carter once said: “I come out of a documentary tradition, but after awhile I wanted to put my own stamp on things. It became clear to me that the subject matter I really cared about had to do with a sense of place, of geography, of the animal world, of the spiritual world and the elements of theology and folklore.” Carter is a self-taught photographer who spent much of his career as a professor. He cites Ansel Adams and Paul Strand as influences, as well as his friends, neighbors, family, and the culture and folkways of the American South.

American, b. 1948, Madison, WI, United States