Keith J. Varadi, ‘Karp Drill’, Johannes Vogt Gallery

About Keith J. Varadi

An avid poet, painter, writer, performer, and curator, Keith J. Varadi is best known for his paintings created without the use of a paintbrush. In what he calls “oil and canvas” works, Varadi makes an initial painting, immediately stretches an additional raw canvas over the painting, and then uses the resulting imprint as a base for the final piece. Varadi is influenced by the artists John Baldessari, David Reed, and Sol LeWitt, and is inspired by the surprising outcomes that materialize from controlled systems. In addition to his painting practice, Varadi is a cofounder of the artist collective Picture Menu and is the associate director of Greene Exhibitions in Los Angeles.

American, b. 1985, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, based in Los Angeles, California

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