Keith Mayerson, ‘My Family’, 2013, Whitney Biennial 2014

About Keith Mayerson

Characterizing himself as “an installation artist who works with paintings,” Keith Mayerson brings together his lush paintings and drawings into salon-like arrangements to narrate the story of his own life, while exploring the social, political, and historical context of our time. “Each of my shows is like a book on the wall,” he describes, “with each image complementing the other…together constitut[ing] an over-arching idea and conceptual theme.” Since 1993, he has been pursuing themes like homosexuality, patriotism, and memory in his small- to large-scale compositions. Equally enamored of comics and Proust, Mark Rothko and Andy Warhol, he merges high and low in works ranging from abstractions to cartoons to Neo-Expressionist representations. In My American Dream, included in the 2014 Whitney Biennial, Mayerson presents his own take on this much-discussed notion, from a perspective both personal and universal.

American, b. 1966, Cincinnati, OH, United States, based in Riverside, CA, United States

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