New York Collection for Stockholm Portfolio: Image from a videotape

About Keith Sonnier

Keith Sonnier constructs his distinctive abstract and semi-figurative light installations out of neon tubing. Often labeled a Minimalist, Sonnier places bright colors and sparse lines together in ways that heighten the lights’ reflective qualities in a given space. Inspired by both his birthplace of Louisiana and the cultures and geographies he encounters in his travels, Sonnier’s sculptures combine hi-tech industrial materials with organic or corporeal themes. For his “Herd” series (2009), Sonnier used lights and curved steel supports to create free-standing animal sculptures resembling the wildlife found in Africa.

American, b. 1941, Mamou, Louisiana, based in New York, New York

Exhibition Highlights On Artsy

Keith Sonnier »Portal Drone«, Häusler Contemporary, Munich
Alles Papier!, Häusler Contemporary, Munich
Keith Sonnier »The Collection«, Häusler Contemporary, Lustenau