Keith Tyson, ‘Studio Wall Drawing OCT 2008 Distribution of Primes HEX’, 2008, Galeria Carles Taché

Signature: Keith Tyson

Image rights: Keith Tyson Studio

Keith Tyson Studio

About Keith Tyson

Continually challenging what constitutes reality, conceptual artist Keith Tyson pursues questions of chance, causality, and interconnectedness using a wide array of media and materials. Tyson’s work hinges on the primacy of the idea. Indeed, for his 2008 collection of colorful geometrical sculptures entitled “Fractal Dice,” the idea—predicated on an algorithm—was of Tyson’s design while the construction and assembly of the sculptures fell to the gallery, who meticulously followed the artist’s instructions by rolling actual dice to determine the next step. The result, as expected, was a series of works of immense artistry, complexity, and variation.

British, b. 1969, Ulverston, United Kingdom, based in Brighton, United Kingdom