Kelly Heaton, ‘The Surrogate’, 2002-2003, Ronald Feldman Gallery

About Kelly Heaton

Using elements of electronic circuitry, American artist and scientist Kelly Heaton tries to mirror the process of the creation of life. Through these works, as well as through more traditional practices that incorporate kinetic sculpture, time-based narrative, and spirituality, she combines the natural and manmade—like handmade electronic fireflies resting on harvested tree branches—to raise questions of ownership, creation, and the very essence of life. She has also explored the often-overlooked effects of technology in everyday objects, creating coats made of “skinned” electronic Elmo dolls or networks of deconstructed Furby toys. Despite being from the recent past, these quickly outmoded technological elements are a reminder of the fleeting nature of progress—as what’s cutting-edge one decade becomes landfill fodder the next.

American, b. 1972