Kelly Reemtsen, ‘Trim’, 2015, Lyndsey Ingram

Reemtsen is best known for her works addressing the role of modern women. She lives and works in LA. Reemtsen has studied printmaking since the 1990s; an artist in residence at the Venice Printmaking Studio in Italy, as well as studying etchings with Peter Petengill at Wingate Studio in New Hampshire, and screen printing with Tony Clough at Serio Press in Los Angeles. In September 2016, Reemtsen participated in the visiting artist printmaking program at the University of Central Florida’s Flying Horse Editions studio.

Signature: Signed in pencil and numbered from the edition of 25.

Publisher: Published by the artist

About Kelly Reemtsen

Kelly Reemtsen’s candy-colored paintings of women have dark undertones, exploring the paradoxical status of being female in a “post-feminist” contemporary society. Reemtsen’s iconic motif is a woman in a festive cocktail dress, sporting an object that is at odds with her leisurely costume, like carpentry equipment or power tools. Her other subjects have included women in mid-fall, or what Reemtsen describes as “falling out of love and/or falling short of expectations.” The characters in her paintings rarely reveal their heads or faces, which are either obscured or cropped out entirely. Recurring motifs in her works have included cotton candy—a reference to Wayne Thiebaud—iridescent bubbles, and gem-like pills, rendered with multi-colored contour lines.

American, b. 1967, Flint, MI, United States, based in Los Angeles, California