Kelsey Bennett, ‘Fear is Fuel’, 2018, The Untitled Space

Referred to by Vanity Fair as a “photographer specializing in the surreal,” Kelsey Bennett is noted for a style that depicts a “super-real life". Based in NYC her photography and fine art have been shown in solo and group shows in New York, LA, and London. She has contributed to Interview Magazine, Dazed, Polyester Zine, and VICE. Kelsey has curated exhibits with Spring Break Art Fair as well as an exhibit at the National Arts Club including over 30 artists. With her sister Rémy Bennett she recently co-directed a video series about female artists, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and will be showcased at Marfa Film Festival this summer.
Since I was a child I was afraid of spiders. Fascinated by why as an adult we hold onto a fear that makes no sense to the rational brain I wanted to work closely with an arachnid. The goal being to become comfortable with it's form, function, and ultimately develop an appreciation of the power it holds over me.

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